March 7, 2021

Different Devices Which Can Block Your Wi-Fi Signals

By Pop ku

There are lots of things made of concrete and other materials which can cause the Wi-Fi signals in your house to jam. Usually, these are the hurdles which can decrease the coverage area of a Wi-Fi device when used in your house.

Additionally, there are various electronic devices like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal jammers (bloqueador de Bluetooth) which can cause your Wi-Fi signals to jam and stop working. However, in this article we will only focus on the common things in your house which can block your Wi-Fi signals.

Interference Offered From Other Networks

One of the largest sources of interferences for devices on 2.4 GHz are usually the common wireless networks around them.For example, in an apartment building densely populated with Wi-Fi routers, your own Wi-Fi router might suffer from interference, and that’s why it’s coverage might decrease significantly.

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Wireless Networks in Your Own House

If you have more than one wireless devices installed in your house, they can cause much more disruption as compared to your neighbor’s wireless device.So, if you need different logins from devices within the same network and range, you should make several Guest networks within the same router instead of investing on separate routers. Doing this will keep your network safe from interference.

Bluetooth Enabled Devices

Various Bluetooth enabled devices within your house can also cause interference with the Wi-Fi router. Bluetooth uses the frequency hoping technology which can cause even more interference, especially with the 2.4 GHz frequency Wi-Fi routers.

When you are using various different devices within the frequency range of your Wi-Fi router, the Bluetooth will disrupt the Wi-Fi signals very much, making it hard for the router to receive and transmit signals. That’s why you should place your router far away from the Bluetooth devices in your house.