July 10, 2021

Is Cobra Expedition Good Enough?

By Pop ku

Does cobra expedition deliver in remote areas of Java?

Cobra expedition speciality is in delivering to remote areas of Java. When you are choosing the expedisi cobra for delivery in remote areas, then you do not need to worry about anything. They are one of the oldest players in this game, they will not disappoint you. But the delivery time of cobra can be more compared to other logistic providers. If the delivery time does not bother you, then it is fine. You are good to go with the cobra.

Cargo Logistics Services

Is cobra expedition the best logistic provider?

Some of the aspects of the cobra do make it the best. But if we see overall it is a little old for the new generation. Many loopholes might become a problem like longer delivery time, customer services only through phone calls, lesser business hours, and more. It is not much more compatible with current technological needs. For instance:

  • For pickup services, both the providers’ cobra expeditions and delivery offers different services. Cobra expeditions pickup service is arranged through a phone call, whereas arrangements for a pickup can be made via the app on delivery.
  • For tracking, in cobra expeditions, you need to contact the branch and then ask about the whereabouts of the cargo while, in delivery, you can track the cargo via the app.

Which one is better: expedisi cobra or delivery? Check out the comparison between the various factors of some of the most popular logistic services. Choose according to your preferences. Know what’s best for you!