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April 26, 2021

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, now is the time to start planning. It can be stressful if your kitchen design is not what you expected and cost is running high. When it comes to choosing a contractor to help with your kitchen renovation, there are a few things that you can keep in mind. For a more affordable estimate, some of these tips may help:

Look for ideas online or at home improvement stores for kitchen remodel design ideas. For the average, moderate-sized home, $20,000 to several hundred thousand is generally a reasonable beginning point for a new kitchen remodel. Your remodel budget will likely depend on such factors as: house value, location, quality product range, project scope and your own individual preferences. The internet also has many design ideas that you can use as guidelines. Flooring, countertops, appliances, cabinets and backsplash options are some of the design options available through the web.

Kitchen Remodel

Plan for changes in lighting and HVAC equipment as part of your kitchen remodel. Many homeowners are replacing existing light fixtures, cabinets and appliances with newer models that cost less and offer better performance. Consider the fixtures that will be replaced or updated, including kitchen lighting, HVAC units and sinks.

Countertop materials vary significantly in price. Laminate, vinyl and concrete countertops are typically less expensive than granite or wood. It’s important to factor in the cost of installation when determining the size of your kitchen remodel budget; countertops can be heavy and difficult to move. Be sure to consider the per square foot cost for installation of wood, laminate or concrete counters as well.

Painting is another aspect of counters and flooring that can add a significant expense. In many cases, paint cabinets will need to be purchased separately from the cabinets themselves. Typically, wood paint cabinets are more expensive than stainless steel paint cabinets. Regardless of the type of finish chosen for your kitchen backsplash and countertop, the final product will likely be noticeable in comparison to existing cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinet refronting is another option for a remodel on a budget. You can buy cabinets that have been refaced or have them refaced by another company for half the cost of purchasing new cabinets. In most cases, your kitchen remodel will be faster and easier when you have access to quality products at an affordable price. Consider the time it will take to install the refaced cabinet doors and hinges before selecting this option. Again, you can save money if you choose to purchase cabinet refronting if the refacing is completed before the remodel.

Another way to save money when remodeling your counters and flooring is to shop around and compare prices with local retailers and home improvement chains. While some retailers will offer deep discounts for large quantities, there is often a wide gap between the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and what you’ll pay at a discount, department, or online home improvement store. Consider the quality of the cabinets you want, the size and quality of the countertops you prefer, and the overall cost before selecting a source. In many cases, you’ll find it is more affordable to purchase a new cabinet rather than complete a cabinet refacing. In addition, consumer reports says that most people who remodel their kitchens do so because they want to update the look and feel of their homes.

The easiest way to save money on kitchen remodeling is to choose the right contractor. When selecting a contractor, you want to choose one with experience and who has provided excellent service in the past. You also need to be sure that you’re choosing experienced craftsman over someone who may be more talented but less experienced. Additionally, when you remodel your kitchen you may want to replace existing appliances with energy efficient appliances that will save you money on your heating and cooling bills as well as improve the appearance of your home. If you’re able to upgrade your appliances, it will also help you save money on your initial installation expenses.