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September 24, 2021

Necessary Telugu Comedy Movies To Watch Now When Your Sad

Funny films never fail to bring a smile, also in the direst of circumstances. This previous year we have actually dealt with one of the most awful pandemics in background. It spun the entire globe in a solid web of torment and also misery with relatively no other way out. Individuals obtained caged up in their homes. With no place to go and also nothing to do, it ended up being a plain setting for lots of people. So people began locating different means to pass their time doing all sorts of brand-new things. However after a while, they obtained tired of doing those points. However among the important things that have maintained individuals entertained was movies. Though it was a bit challenging for people not to watch motion pictures on the big screens, the innovative concept of OTT brought those flicks to their house displays. The Global and Regional OTT platforms experienced a rise in viewership. Not just did people stream new films which obtained launched on these platforms, yet individuals likewise were able to stream classics and also their favorite motion pictures. And the game-changer for the Telugu Movie industry was the appearance of the local streaming system Aha. With individuals requiring to stream even more of Telugu Blockbusters, The aha came as a benefit as it streamed only Telugu material. From a wide range of styles available on the streaming platform, one of the most prominent one was Funny. Not just did people stream the brand-new films, but they likewise took the timeless flight and also watched films from the previous years. As well as two of the most preferred Funny films being streamed on Aha are Bell Bottom and Husharu. Telugu comedy movies online streaming on aha platform.

Bell Bottom
Composed by Dayanand T. K, this crime-comedy obtained launched in Kannada and later got dubbed in Telugu. The film got guided by Jayatheertha. The cinematography by Aravind Kashyap was fantastic. B. Ajaneesh Loknath has actually succeeded as a music composer.
The movie got launched on 15 February 2019 as well as has a running time of 130 mins. The tale set in the 80s adheres to the life of Diwakar( Risabh Shetty), a police constable. He has actually matured watching investigator movies and reviewing secret stories. He constantly wanted to end up being a detective, but he needed to adhere to the police profession due to his Dad, Anappa (Achyut Kumar). After addressing a murder instance within a month, he becomes famous, and he is assigned to resolve a break-in in the area. And following, we are handled a fun and also exciting trip.

This Telugu Language Comedy-Drama film was composed as well as directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti. Sunny M.R., Radhan, and Varikuppala Yadagiri made up the songs for the movie. Raj Thota was the cinematographer of the flick.
The tale explores the various sides of relationship. It complies with four engineering grads who are unaware about what follows in their lives. They delight in living their lives daily with each other’s company. But life is always not the upward trope, and also this film explores that side of healing too yet in an amusing way.

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December 19, 2020

Youthful tv show – Commitmental

Commitmental is a wonderful romantic tale of phani and Anu. Their affection has been an extraordinary exercise to individuals who single out contrasts in the relationship. Despite the fact that individuals have various characters, tastes, likes, disdains however love is the online basic point where they change and carry on with their life for the other. This arrangement gives you extraordinary guides to adore more diligently and better. Comedy web series online like commitmental are wonderful to watch. Watch Commitmental web series online just on aha.


Commitmental is a unique aha a five-scene web arrangement, an incredible interpretation of current connections, we met Phani and Anu who are enamored with one another for a very long time and wind up remaining in a significant distance relationship the whole time their dynamic changes once phani requests that anu get hitched. This show discusses the excursion of their relationship, it likewise discusses the progressions couples experience in a relationship and the significance of fellowship in a relationship, and the amount of our connections is dictated by the companionships we have. The life of current Indian ladies and her interpretation of life and how a marriage can decide her life. The show discusses scorn and double-crossing on the grounds that plainly, both the gatherings are not on the same wavelength during the progress. He attempts to prevail upon her and reignite the sparkle. Mentionable entertainers Anu played by PunarnaviBhupalam and her closest companion Ritu played NamrathaTipirneni. They are amazingly relatable and show the impacts of cultural weights on present day ladies in India. In spite of the fact that it’s a redo this lighthearted comedy introduced in a web arrangement design has a new interpretation of connections in 2020 and is engaging without a doubt. Despite the fact that the screen time feels a piece slacking, the end merits the stand by. It’s an excellent romantic tale told by a group of commitmental .


Technical Aspects:

  • This romantic comedy web arrangement story is essentially Amazing. The character of the entertainers added flavor to the content. This is unquestionably an absolute necessity to watch among the Telugu youth.
  • This five-scene season 1 is winning hearts with the cinematography, scenes in the downpour, living alone with your closest companion are the features for most of the crowds.
  • Music is incredible, assists the content with passing on the feelings right.
  • All the characters in the arrangement are very relatable and commitmental is a fun-pressed performer!

Artists Performance:

  • Udbhav is a capable entertainer who buckled down for this web series. It’s not simply the difficult work his work was such a great amount of enjoyable to watch.
  • Punarnavi is a lovely woman, she was well known in bigg chief. Her strong voice and character makes her hang out inside and out.

Additional Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 5 Episodes 27 minutes each.

Released: 13 November 2020

Gener: Romance, comedy

Cast and Crew:

Actor: UdbhavRaghunandan

Actress: PunarnaviBhupalam

Other Actors: NamrataTipirneni, VenkateshKakumanu

Produce: Allu Arvind

Developed by: Biswapati Sarkar

Based on: Permanent Roommates

Watch Commitmental web series only on aha. Comedy web series online are more prominent fun.